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About Worman's Mill

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Wormald changes the game with Worman's Mill and its Town 'N' Country Development

Perhaps the most significant innovation Wormald can claim is laying out the first traditional neighborhood development (TND) of the Mid-Atlantic region — Worman's Mill — only the second of its kind in the country. This was a bold move, requiring extensive zoning rewrites and a complete rethinking of conventional planning at the time. But we didn't stop there. We pushed the TND concept still further to create our own Town 'N' Country (TNC) design, blending town-center formality with more free-form rural design in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Choosing to ignore the marketing consultants who said it wouldn't work and the zoning codes which said it wasn't possible, Wormald set out to achieve this vision by rewriting the city of Frederick's zoning laws, with the cooperation of the mayor and the city's planning department. Today, Worman's Mill, which is home to six of our award winning neighborhoods, is a thriving example of what a TNC can be, having received state, national, and even international acclaim.

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Hallmarks of Worman's Mill design

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